Scout gone from troop roster

A sout dropped off our scoutbook. I think it was when updating his partol info. I chaged the date of his current patrol ilsting to last September and went to add him to a new patrol and he no longer is in my unit. His twin brother is there. and his mom is there, but there appears to be no scout. I read in a forum to go to add a scout at the bottom of the roster page. I tried transfer in, and that said he was already on my roster. but I do not see him on my roster in SB.

Post the BSA # (no names) and we can look

@JohnAlexy Try going through:

My Account → My Connections

and see if you find him there. If you find him, click on his name, go to his Memberships, and then add a membership back to your troop.

I’ve never done this to myself before. ;⁠-⁠)

Once the acute issue is resolved, transfer scouts between patrols by using the Transfer In tool on the receiving patrol roster page. You can always go back and edit the end date of the previous patrol membership if needed. Just make sure not to put an end date on an existing membership before you add a new membership.

I figured that out - Not to do this again. But how do I get the scout back in my unit
Scoutbook page?

This worked, He was still connected and I was able to update him properly. It would be nice if there was a holding place for when this happens that can be undone, like the trash can in windows where you could go hit undo for a day or two.

Thanks John

was found in history from infor sent in forum. Thanks

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