Adult Leader missing

One of our adult leaders was dropped from the Scoutbook roster. A search of his ID yields no results so I cannot restore his position. His ID is 137075880.

Does the adult appear on the official roster at my.scouting? If not, assuming that they were correctly registered before, they might have been unintentionally dropped during recharter.

They do appear on our my.Scouting roster.

@EricCummings1 is this for Circle 10, Sam Houston or Longhorn - I see expired in 2021 registration in all 3 councils

This adult is registered as a Tiger Adult Partner, which is not an adult leader position.

Circle 10. He’s still listed on our my.Scouting roster and I just rechecked out approved recharter. He’s listed as an adult member there as weill.

13917361 is his Circle 10 number - but it does not look like charter is finished

Ah, I see. He’s our Tiger Den Leader and on the committee. I guess his position was incorrect on the recharter paperwork which caused this issue.

Yeah, the BSA restricts adults to only one registered position in any given unit, unless they are the COR who may also double register as the CC or a MC.

Our recharter was approved 02-16-22.

How do y’all suggest I proceed? When I click “Add Leader” in our Tiger Den and then search for his BSA ID I get “No record found that satisfies the search criteria.”

@EricCummings1 He needs to register as a Tiger Den Leader or Committee Member with the pack, but he cannot register in both positions in the same unit.

It looks like your pack’s Recharter has posted, so he might be able to apply onliine (if that option is enabled by your unit and your council).

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Thanks. I’ll let him know.

He has all his MIDs under Manage Member ID in

He will need his Circle 10 member number set as “primary” if he applies online. But he is also registered as an Assistant Scoutmaster in another council (different member number).

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