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Pending on Adult Roster

On my Troop’s Scoutbook account it says that I am pending. I am the SM for my daughters Troop. What does the Pending mean on the Troop roster for leaders?

It means you have never logged in. Obviously that is not true if you are logged in and see the account. So I suspect that you have multiple BSA ID #s and multiple Scoutbook accounts that should be merged to the one number and account that you are registered in your unit with. You should always be logging with your SSO (same as credentials. You can send a request to requesting the accounts and BSA ID#s to be merged. Send the BSA ID#s to be merged and state which one should be the number left. The ScoutBook accounts are listed in the URL while you are in the profiles. Look for AdultUserID=nnnnnnn that is the scoutbook account number. Look at both the Roster Leader profile and the parent account under your Scout profile.

Before you send an email, if you click on your name, do you see an option to invite yourself? Try clicking that and see what happens.

I have tried the syncing my two BSA numbers. I had done that previously. As far the SM for the boys troop sent me an invite but I never received it. When I click the Girls Troop everyone is listed. When I go to the Boys Troop I am not listed on the roster. The other SM can see me on his roster. I have never had this much trouble with Scoutbook. I have been using it for years.

Yep, it sounds like you have two accounts.

Could you have the SM of the boys troop check if the account of yours that he sees has an email address?


Send an e-mail to with your name, BSA#, council and both unit numbers. Ask them to merge the accounts. Make sure you indicate which account needs to survive.