Removing Scout from SSO


I have a youth who signed up using Google SSO with his school account. The school has now blocked any apps other than their approved school apps for use with Google SSO and so he receives a message Scoutbook is not authorized.

Is there a way to disconnect his account from SSO?

The youth is:
SB User ID: 1526904
BSA Member ID: 132514067

Thank you!


You need to contact your Council. The SUAC does not have the ability to change Scout’s login ID. Since you are in Northern Star Council, send an e-mail to Ask them to have the account switched from Google Login to BSA Credentials. They may need to open a ticket with BSA IT. If they do, I would not expect this to be fixed this week due to the holiday.

Thank you for the direction. I will get an email off to them. I very much appreciate all the SUAC does. You all are amazing!

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