Unable to login to SB because of Google link

My son has been struggling to gain access to ScoutBook for several months.

His SB login information is linked to his Google account. Because he is under 18, ScoutBook will not let him log into his account. At first this was an inconvenience, but it is now beginning to affect his progress towards Eagle.

How do I get the Google Link removed and have his login reset so he can login directly with his SB credentials?

Thank you for any assistance!

Is he able to log in to his my.scouting account?

If so, he can go to “My Profile” and switch back to BSA credentials.

I did try to log in under his account and it says that his account is linked to google account and to log in using his google credentials.

So I can’t get in that way either (my.scouting).


You will need to contact your Council and ask them to open a ticket with National Member Care to switch the account from Google login to BSA credentials.

@BrianBickmeier The BOT in bottom right corner of my.scouting.org will circumvent the google login when you select Reset Password

Appreciate all the help so far but it still won’t let me change it. My.scouting has him on file but also doesn’t show that he has an account. So when I try to create one, it shows that he is on file and then tells me that his login is linked to google and to login using that. I’ll contact his council and have them put in a ticket. Thanks to all that have responded with help, I appreciate it!

@BrianBickmeier have you tried the BOT? I tested it today so I know it works

@BrianBickmeier Have you taken a look at his Google Account and set up supervision. This may be affecting sign in for those under 18.

From Google…

Set up supervision for your account

*If you’re not old enough to manage your own account, you can have a parent use their Google Account to set up supervision so you can continue using your account.

@RyanLarson when I last looked no BSA Property could be allowed

Just tried it again and it tells me that it cannot be changed because his login is linked to a google account. So, BOT didn’t work.

I also tried to add scoutbook to his approved websites but it still gives me the “under 18” and can’t log in.

Why is “under 18” an issue? My son just turned 13 this spring and I got a “congratulations - your child is now an adult” email from google.

My son also can’t get into Scoutbook, but I hadn’t considered age as a possibility. The two accounts he has are a gmail account and an educational google email address.

Hi @BrianBickmeier I am with BSA IT. Would you be able to share with me your son’s member ID or something we can identify him and try the fix we implemented over the weekend. Feel free to message me directly with that information. Thank you.


Generic users can’t initiate a DM chat, based on how the BSA’s Discourse group is implemented. That has to be initiated by an admin, then the generic users invited can reply.

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I think I am sending this to you only, but his member ID is 13830049.
And thank you! Hope this works out!

It was just to me. Thank you, I will respond once I have something for you. Hopefully some decent resolution.

We all saw it, but that is ok.

Ha ha, :slight_smile: oh well, as long it’s it gets fixed, thanks for the help so far everyone!

@BrianBickmeier look at top right Avatar to find a Directmessage > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with Norbert and SUAC members if more info is needed