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Removing Unregistered Merit Badge Counselors From Scoutbook (Thread for questions)

Thanks. Even if the council does not upload a list to Scoutbook? Right now any MBC in our troop who was not listed as a MB counselor in Scoutbook before the most recent change is not listed in Scoutbook? My husband’s my.scouting profile looks just like mine as a MBC (and he is definitely on the official district list) but he is not listed in Scoutbook as an MBC.


All MBC registrations come from ScoutNET. Councils are required to register all MBCs. If a Council stores the MBs that an MBC counsels in ScoutNET, then a file upload is not required. This is what Northern Star Council does.

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Understood. Thank you. We register at the district level in NCAC (but I have taught virtual council classes during COVID that have been checked by council). Any idea then why we would be listed as MB counselors in Scoutnet but not in Scoutbook? My specific merit badges are not in Scoutnet and it says our district. I have a message into the council merit badge dean who said months ago they were slowly uploading the merit badges into what I thought was Scoutbook???

Well I suspect there’s a problem. After logging in to this site earlier today and posting a few comments I received an email tonight that I am not registered as a MBC. As the MBC coordinator for my District I can assure you that I am registered and current. I’ll try and sort this out this week but this indicates a problem.


When I look in the Scoutbook DB with my tools, it shows you are an MBC for Cit in Comm, Cit in Nation, Cit in World, Communications, Family Life, Journalism, Personal Management, Reading and Scouting Herritage.

Did you go to My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Positions to see if your MBs are listed there? They should have blue check marks next to them.


Your MBC position in Akela expired on 12/31/20. I suspect the troop where you are an ASM had its charter posted by the council recently which caused your positions to be pushed to Scoutbook.

We have seen a problem where the grace period for MBCs to be rechartered is not applying if another unit where you are registered has its charter posted. I believe this is happening to you. We are working with BSA IT to get this corrected.

This is what I see in my.scouting. I put those merit badges into Scoutbook a long time ago and they have stayed in there.

my.scouting.org does not show Merit Badges. If you go to your My Positions page in Scoutbook, if the MBs on your MBC position have a blue checkmark next to them, then they have been validated by the Council either because they are in Scoutbook or because the Council has uploaded an MBC file.

Your council last uploaded an MBC file yesterday so all of your MBs should have blue check marks.

OK- thanks. So will that eventually sync for other adults or do they need to do something in Scoutbook? For instance, my husband’s merit badges aren’t in Scoutbook. In looking at other counselors in the troop they seem to all have green check marks (I have blue- will theirs look green or blue to me) and they are associated with the troop or the council.


I sent you a private message. Click the green circle with white C in the upper right of your forum window.

Thanks Ed. The question then is why would my Unit recharter of my position as an ASM have any linkage to my MBC position which is NOT a Unit position but a Council/District one? Ditto I presume for my other position as District Member At Large which is in place to manage the District MBC program.



Your MBC position was ended despite the grace period because of a bug in the code that syncs positions from Akela to Scoutbook. The developers are aware of the issue and are working on a fix.

Scoutbook does not import District Member at Large so it is not affected.

I’m inundated with emails from all my District counselors re this issue and have put the word out that this is a systematic problem that is being addressed. Our Council Registrar is dialed in and working it too. We’ll be okay in time.

Thanks again

Ed Phillips

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The MBC positions that were removed by Member Update even though they are in the grace period have been restored along with any connections that were removed. Please check and let me know if everything looks correct on your end.

Thanks Ed. I’ll check.

Appreciate the feedback.


OK - checked My Positions in Scoutbook (finally found it). The Distrcit Member-At-Large is not shown. BREAK - when I log onto my.scouting and check the MBCs for my troop I am not listed there. Perhaps that’s because it knows, that I know what I’ve registered for? There are green checkmarks next to ASM (expire 2021), District Mbr At Large (expire 12/2020?) but none next to Merit Badge Counselor (expire 12/2020). Apparently this is still being worked out.

District positions are not listed in Scoutbook.

Click on My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Positions. You should see your MBC position listed with the merit badges.

Thanks Ed.

I did see that info last night; copy re the District position not displaying.


If my council shows as not having loaded the list yet, will it be automatically loaded on Feb 1 as part of this process?