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Rename of Patrols

The PLC reorganized their patrols, the names of the patrols have changed.

What is recommended,

  1. Rename current patrols, and move the scouts around.
  2. Create new patrols, move scouts around, then disapprove the old patrols when zero.

Just want to do the best to preserve records.

Thanks for the help

If you want to have a record of the patrols that the Scouts used to be in, then I would recommend creating new patrols for patrols with new names. Then move the Scouts to their new patrols by using the Reassign Scout(s) button on the main patrol pages. Basically, your #2.

I just ran into this issue. We created a patrol on February 1st for our female patrol. Now that patrol grew rapidly, and we now have 17 scouts. We decided to break the girls up into 3 patrols. Great that’s easy enough… UNTIL The patrol leader of the initial patrol (the Panthers) renames her patrol the othe Cute Cacti’s. And one of the other patrols chose to keep the Panthers Patrol name…

If I had renamed the patrol first, then the girls that were never in the Cute Cacti Patrol would have been in it from day one, but in actually, they were in the Panther Patrol.

So I had to create the 2 New Patrols (Element Patrol, and the Cute Cacti Patrol). Then re-assign the girls that changed patrols to these new Patrols. That left some of the girls in the Panther Patrol. This way, Scoutbook shows the correct Leadership Position history.

If I had renamed the Panthers to Cute Cacti, then the girls that were in the patrol when it was panthers, would show that they were Cute Cacti’s from the beginning, and not as of the change.

SO YES #2!

If you go with option #2, then their Scout’s Membership (Past Memberships) and their Scout’s Leadership will show the correct patrol names.

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Thank you so much, Chris and Jennifer! I guess that is what I was confirming. That I had to go with Option 2 to preserve their past patrol membership.