Renew Application Option in Online Registration

I’m a commissioner and received this question a lot recently. Can’t find information on it:

When doing an online application, it gives the following options (to those with a current registration) when they click on a unit’s registration link. Transfer, Multiple, Renew. I know what the first two do but can anyone explain what the Renew option does and what is the system looking for to have that option available? So far everyone doesn’t have it available but all are asking if it has to do with recharter or it’s a future option that’s currently not available. See photo below:

I could see it being used for MBCs in the future.

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Yes. Or member-at-large or district committee members. Basically, those not in a unit.

It would be nice if we had a more direct conduit to those in the know when we, as end users, see something new without communication.

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Assuming there are cases where that button is functional, I believe positions above council were supposed to become renewable that way. That was in the technology roadmap update from early 2021 that Rich Hillenbrand had shared. Since regions/areas got reconfigured into territories, if it was effective, my guess was only for national positions.


I forgot we had that new roadmap’ish plan. It would be nice to get one post recharter. Where does the other ScoutNet / registrar plans sit? What after that?

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Thank you all for your ideas, I appreciate the insights.