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Repeating Event

How do you use the Repeating event. I have a Committee meeting that will occur usually the 3rd Sunday of every month for the year. I can’t figure out how to get it to work.

Create an event on the 3rd Sunday. Turn on the Repeating Event slider (red and to the right). Set the Interval to Monthly - Fwd. Set the Interval Length to 1. This will create an event on the 3rd Sunday for the specified number of months.

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OK Great thanks. Follow up is there a way to make templates/ I use the copy new but did not know if there was a way to make a template like every time you choose Pack meeting it fills in the address and map URL

There is no template function.

Ok thanks… Copy New it is just a little cumbersome but works great.


I thought that the Extension permitted importing of a calendar from CSV(?). That might allow you to “template” the events, but I’m not sure the limitations on that process.

It does. The best way to work with it is to create an event in the calendar, then export it as a CSV file to use as a template. The only real limitation I saw with it was you can’t use custom attendance lists; only Leader, Parent, and Scout (so, it didn’t work well for OA stuff that only involved 5 Scouts, for example).

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