Replacing a merit badge counselor

How do I remove a merit badge counselor for a scout, so that I can replace them with another person? When I view the scout’s connection to the counselor (from the Scout’s Connections option on the scout’s profile), there is no Delete option. If I remove their ability to approve the badge, they have no remaining badges so I get an error saying “Permissions: You must select at least one Merit Badge or remove the Merit Badge Couselor role.” If I remove their counselor role, I get an error saying “Relationship: Please check all the roles that apply to this user.” If I remove both at the same time, I also get that “Relationship” error. The counselor is not affiliated with our troop, so I do not see the counselor on the troop roster or in the troop connections manager.

Go and uncheck the merit badge under the connections or uncheck the merit badge option

It will not let me. I get the Permissions and Relationship errors mentioned in my initial post when I try to do so.

OK trying to find an example - do you not have the plain Delete connection? What other roles does the user have in unit?

Changing the MB error makes sense as it is basically saying no MBs line up so it is confused. When I ended MBC and changed to Adult Leader it worked fine.

No, oddly I do not have the Delete Connection button.

I can change the counselor to an adult leader, but I really just need to delete them because they are not affiliated with our troop or this scout.

I guess you are Admin? If so Go to unit Roster > Click your name > click Admin > click Update - that should solve it - see if resetting your admin solves it

Thank you for the quick replies and suggestions! Yes, I am the scoutmaster and one of the troop admins in SB. I was able to reset my connections via the Update button, but no luck getting the Delete Connection button to appear.

you followed the roster path? not going to My Positions?

Yes, unit Roster > Click my name > click Admin > click Update

If you click into the merit badge as if you are updating it, there is an option at the bottom for “delete merit badge.” Hopefully, it will work for you.

They are not trying to remove the merit badge. They are trying to remove the MBC.

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