Report available to list parents who have not connected to their scout in Scoutbook?

In the Journey To Excellence Report for 2023, for Gold Level status in Topic #1, the requirement is to have 80% of families are connected to their Scout in Scoutbook. How can you run a report in Scoutbook to determine if parents are connected to their scout instead of looking at each scout individually?


There is not a report but if you bring up the roster in Scoutbook, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Scout section and turn on Show Parents/Guardians, those that are connected and have logged in at least once will have a closed chain link. Those that are connected but have never logged in will have an open chain link.

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The connection can be established by the unit admins. You may have to consult with your DE if the wording requires them to have accepted or logged in.

Boy have not seen that requirement - does it mean they are connected by the unit - or have actually logged in themself?

@DonovanMcNeil - that is in the Pack JTE scorecard and it does not state anything other than connected.

Well that is a question for council - a unit cannot do more than to establish the connection - they cannot force the parent to log in once to confirm the connection

Encourage. :slight_smile:
I go down and count each family that doesn’t have a closed link. It is pretty fast todo even in a Pack ~50 cubs.

You can KIND of get the data in Roster Builder - select all parents then select Last Login - if no login - they have not confirmed connection

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Might talk to Council - just talking (laughing) with mine on this very issue - they said JTE is no more nationally - but the site is still up as some like the metrics

I suspect they are not talking about logged in parents - but connected parents.

Connections in Scoutbook mean a specific thing. A parent is connected to a Scout via an invite or via a sync from relationships in the Scout’s registration. The connection is either Active, or Pending. Active means they logged in, Pending means they have not yet logged in.

There have been pushes in Councils to make sure all Scouts have a parent/guardian relationship - in Scoutbook it would show simply as a parent underneath the Scout.

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Yes and no. They did update it for 2023 and now for 2024. National sells the patches. There are a subset (growing?) of councils that have a different rubric / key factors that they use. JTE has been defunct from district and council standpoint for 3-4 years across the board.

That is a good point, but a very low bar to hit. Over 5 years, we have only had maybe 2 Scouts without a parent relationship shown. I’ve interpreted the JTE requirement as at least one parent has logged on once and no longer pending. Then we know the email is good at least at that point and they have the capability of interacting with Scoutbook.

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