Report for Unlinked Accounts

Hi, is there a report I can pull for unlinked parent accounts? I noticed when I click on “Roster”, it will show me any leaders who have not linked to their Scoutbook account. If I click on them, I can resend the invite.

I’d like to see something similar for parents. Unless I click on each parent individually and go to their profile, I’m not sure how to see this.

If you page through the scouts, it shows whether or not the parent has connected to their (parent) account, based on the “broken link” icon next to the parent’s name on the scout’s page:

You can use the pulldown at the top of the scout’s page to navigate to the next scout. There might be a better way, but that’s how I’ve handled screening for that issue.

On the pack roster page, click the gear and select the show parents/guardians option.


Ooooo…that’s a much cleaner solution that what I had come up with.

Is there a way to tell it to “invite all” that are unconnected or something?

There is not a way to do that

@Yddeyma you will never get 100% - I have seen few units with 50%

And users will still receive e-mails from Scoutbook whether they have logged in or not.


I’m so close! Lol, I’m only missing 6 after this last round of emails… out of 80!

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In our humble troop of 12, we have at least one parent from each family. Scoutbook is the ONLY way we rsvp and the only way we distribute permission slips. So, ya gotta. A couple were like pulling teeth, but then we encourage parents to invite their scouts (10 out of 12) so they can put the responsibility of RSVP and permission slip printing (parent still signs) onto the Scout.

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