Report Builder Does Not Agree with Scoutbook; Missing Elective Adventure

I have two Tigers who completed their elective adventure (Tiger Rank Requirement #2a), by completing Stories in Shapes (v2016) at summer camp in Aug 2023. #2a shows up correctly as completed when I visit the scout’s individual page on scoutbook at

However, when I go to Report Builder, the report shows #2a as not started (empty box), but does show Stories in Shapes as completed/awarded.

Both scouts are on the 2022-24 version of requirements.

I’ve tried two browsers, and have tried clearing cookies.

Member IDs are in the first screenshot above

What else can I try?

Update: I’m actually seeing this for multiple dens, across multiple ranks. So far, Webelos and Bears have also exhibited this problem as well.

Can you post the “ref” number at the bottom of a couple of the reports to help the developers investigate?

Thanks @SachinShah

@SachinShah can you please try running the reports again? A fix was pushed yesterday that fixed a similar issue and wanted to see if this was the same issue or not. If it still occurs, we would need the ref # from the bottom of a report where it is still failing. Thanks!

They work now, thank you!

(and in the future if I encounter a similar issue, I’ll be sure to include the REF numbers)

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Thank you. Glad this fixed it!