Report Builder Error

When using Report Builder to build a customized report, a requirement shown as completed by the Scout shows up with a completion date even though it has not been “Leader Approved.” There is no indication that the requirement has not, in fact, been approved and this had led us on several occasions to believe that a Scout might be ready for a BOR prematurely.

This is NOT the case when using the integrated Individual Advancement Report as that form adds an asterisk (*) to show that a requirement has not been leader approved.

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If you turn off Show Date on Report Builder it will indicate with an icon if the item is complete, approved or awarded.

Thank you Ed - I missed that one somehow!

@RobertAcker - who is responsible for the Advancement of a scout…well by golly…the scout. It is their job to look at their progress and request a BoR.

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Hi Stephen - you are of course correct in that it’s the Scout’s responsibility to monitor progress and request the SM Conference and BOR. That said, our ASM over each Patrol reviews the Scout’s record and confirms that a Scout is ready for the requested SMC/BOR. We run custom reports for the ASM (Adult Mentor) of each Patrol and, unfortunately, hadn’t realized that Report Builder would show a date even if only the Scout and not an adult leader had checked it complete. Ed’s suggestion of going to the icon report will solve that problem. Thanks! Bob

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