Report Builder

I’m looking to build a report that will list rank requirements that are Completed but NOT Leader Approved. Has anyone done this/know how to? There is a “needs approving” report, but it isn’t something I can print out that lists ALL of the scouts and those specific requirements together. Only each scout separately.


Hi, Alan,

The only ways I’m aware of to generate a report that reflects approval status are either:

  1. the Needs Approval report, which you indicated doesn’t meet your need
  2. exporting the CSV advancement data

To do the latter go to:

My Dashboard → My Units → Export/Backup → Scout Advancement

This generates a CSV file that you can open in the spreadsheet program of your choice and sort. There are columns for ‘LeaderApprovedBy’ and ‘LeaderApprovedDate’ that you can use, together with ‘Date Completed’, to locate what I think you’re trying to get.

Thanks. I’ll give that a shot

Hi there,
Could we please get rid of the v2015 stuff in the reports? It creates a lot of clutter. I realize that there are people who are still (3 years later) using the old system, even though BSA doesn’t allow it, but at least give us the option to remove the antiquated data from the report page.

Scouts cannot be working on the 2015 versions but there are still Scouts who earned the 2015 versions so they need to remain in the reports.

Once you have no Scout that worked on a 2015 version of an award selected for the report, the 2015 version will be automatically excluded.