Report Builder option to blend 2016 & 2022

It would be really helpful to be able to create a report that showed who was missing a given rank requirement, regardless of whether they are working from the 2016 or 2022 version. For example: the Scout rank is identical in both versions except for requirement 6 (youth protection/cyber requirements) but if I want to answer the question “do we have a lot of scouts who need to work on whipping and fusing rope?” I need to cross reference the line from v2022 and the one from v2016. If the requirement was on a single line, I would know at a glance.
Is there any chance that a merged report could be built that listed the requirements in the format:
Req 1
Req 2
Req 3
Req 4
Req 5
Req 6 (2016)
Req 6 (2022)
Req 7

@ChristyDryden - as a point of information all scouts should be on the 2022 version of rank.

@ChristyDryden - @Stephen_Hornak is correct - see the link Minor Modifications to Scouts BSA Rank Requirements | Boy Scouts of America


I understand that in principle, but does that mean we need to manually go in and copy over everything they’ve checked off in v2016 and enter that into v2022??
That sounds even more like something that should be automated!

Are there any extensions that would be able to help with that task?

Just change the version for the scout and it will automatically copy over every requirement that didn’t change or didn’t narrow in acceptable ways to complete it.

Not all ranks are hot linked like that I believe - it depended on how many developer hours we could get at the time - not sure on 2016-2022

That definitely helps.
Once that is all copied over and cleaned up, is there any way to filter the report to only show the current version?

In Report Builder, there’s an option to show ranks and show only those who have not yet completed the selected ranks. If they haven’t completed them, they should be on the current version now.

Oh, that’s so weird… I already had my settings as you described, but I figured I might as well double check that and when I did that, I broke down the report by individual ranks instead of trying to group everyone 2nd class and under together. That made it a lot more clear what was going on:
For Scout, since there’s no board of review step, one scout had somehow never gotten the “Leader Approved” switch flipped, so he wasn’t filtered out.
For 2nd class, I had simply missed clicking one of the scouts to switch to 2022.
But Tenderfoot was really strange. For some reason, a scout who hadn’t started it had the “Not Started” box showing up attached to v2016. This seemed odd since the only option he had for Tenderfoot was 2022-23. But I reclicked that button anyway, not expecting it to change anything, and now Tenderfoot is fixed, too.


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