Build reports based on rank

It would be really helpful to have the Report Builder tool select scouts based on their rank. This reporting was available in Troopmaster, and I manually create it today, but it seems like this would be simple based on the rank info in Scoutbook and a little logic.
This could also be slightly expanded to allow reports based on who has earned (or not earned) merit badges or other characteristics.
Thanks for all your work on this product.

You mean a report that shows only 2nd Class Scouts, for example?

I can see where that would be pretty helpful for the PLC when planning activities.

Since report formats are copyrighted, it’s really unlikely that Scoutbook will implement a canned report that copies the report from another developer.

You can get a report that shows all Scouts with their ranks only through the report generator that looks like this, which gets you pretty close to what you’re looking for:

That’s pretty easy to export to Excel, and filter by rows to see who’s earned what. You could even expand this to show which requirements are completed for each Scout, assuming you have that level of detail entered in Scoutbook.

Hi Steve,
Thanks…that is pretty much what I do to make sure I’ve captured the right scouts. Then I have more detailed reports for each rank that show the status of all the requirements for the scouts working on that rank - so for instance, my “First Class” report shows all scouts who are not yet First Class. But my “Second Class” report only shows scouts who are not yet Second Class. And the Star/Life/Eagle reports show the scouts who are working on those ranks. It makes it much easier for the SM or the PLC to understand who needs what. But making sure the correct scouts are on each report is manual right now, and there’s no need for it to be manual with a little boolean logic.

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