Report builder - ranks - missing requirements

I’ve been trying to run report builder reports listing ranks from Scout through 1st Class requirements. 2nd class skips some requirements and 1st class stops after requirement 7.

@DeborahMahnken do you have Pivot turned on? You have to do it with no pivot

Nope, I’m not using pivot. It doesn’t change when switching sorting options either. Second class ranks are not in order, part of 3 missing, First class stops after 7… Here’s a quick copy/paste of the 2nd class:

Second Class v2022 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 19% 0%
1b. Leave No Trace 7/25/22
4. Identify wild animals 7/29/22
5a. Know safe swim 7/29/22
5b. Beginner swim test 6/29/22
5c. Water rescues 7/29/22
5d. Swimming rescues 7/29/22
8a. Flag ceremony 7/28/22
Second Class v2016 11% 38%
1a. Participation 4/8/22
1c. Select patrol camp site 4/8/22
2a. Explain cooking fires 4/8/22
2c. Build a fire 4/8/22
2d. Camp stove 4/8/22
2e. Plan & Cook Meal 4/8/22
2f. Sheet bend 5/11/22 4/8/22
2g. Bowline 5/11/22 4/8/22
3b. Hike 5 miles 10/16/21 10/16/21
5b. Beginner swim test 4/4/22
5c. Water rescues 5/22/22
6a. First aid 3/16/22
8a. Flag ceremony 4/8/22
8b. Flag respect 4/8/22
8e. 2 Hours of Service 4/8/22
First Class 0%

Where are you navigating to - to run the report - at the same report runs fine

Scouts should not be on the 2016 version of Second Class rank at this point. That might be part of the issue.

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Or any rank on 2016 version

Donovan, I’m running from Scoutbook.scouting. From my troop page the troop reports menu, to report boulder manager. It’s a custom report selecting only name, ranks scout - 1st class, (rank status and reqts), show % complete, show dates, show reqt descriptions and show current rank.

For others - no idea what you’re talking about re: reqt’s 2016 or later, it’s not an option on the report builder.

@DeborahMahnken think it might be a flaw in the saved report - maybe try rebuilding it

@DeborahMahnken In the picture you posted, some Scouts are on Second Class version 2022, and some Scouts are on Second Class version 2016. They should all be on the most current version (2022).

When you look at an individual Scout’s Advancement page in Scoutbook, click on Second Class and check that the version year toggle is set to the most current version.

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@DeborahMahnken - go to each scout > advancement and make sure ALL ranks are on the current version and not 2016… no scout should no matter the rank be on 2016 version

Thanks Donovan, I’ll try that.

@DonovanMcNeil — you’re brilliant! Starting from scratch worked.