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Report Builder returning 504 error - timeout running report

Morning All,

We’re trying to run a report to get Merit Badges in progress and Rank completion percentage.

When we try to run this right now, we’re getting a 504 request timed out error.

Tried it in Chrome and IE, same results in both.

ReportID=702497 if someone wants to peek on the backend.

@RogerHeiniluoma - I have tried saved reports and creating a new report and they are working fine for me. I would clear cache and try again.

Unfortunately we’re seeing the same behavior on multiple machines and on different browsers.

There’s a server ID at the bottom of the page in Scoutbook (snapshot below). It’s hard to see since it’s beige on beige, but if you select it, it becomes more visible as in my snapshot. Can you post the server(s) that the people are connecting to that are throwing the timeouts? It might be a network or server issue.

The reports can also take an extended time depending on how many scouts, merit badges, ranks, requirements are included. Essentially the more detail for the more people, the longer it will take. If it’s a particularly large number of scouts, ranks, merit badges, or rank requirements, you probably need to subdivide things (e.g. run it by patrols, separate ranks and merit badges, etc).

ETA: I ran a full Scout through First Class requirements report on 25 scouts (including not just rank but all requirements) and it returned in a few seconds.

ETA2: I ran a report with a dozen scouts and all merit badges and requirements, and it returned in a minute or so.

I’m accessing AWSWEBSCTBK2C.

The reports are functional on this host: AWSWEBSCTBK4C

AWSWEBSCTBK1C is the one I was on.

While it would be better (for us) to be able to do the whole troop in a single report (88 scouts) rather than carving it all up by patrol, when I ran for two patrols (about 25 scouts) it did work.

Any thing that can be done to increase the timeout on those reports? There was a time last year, when the report builder would let me extract exactly what we were after for everyone all at once – just a “merit badge in progress” report. That seems to be gone, and now we’re have to slice and dice and back that out.

@RogerHeiniluoma - is the incomplete merit badge report similar to what you are trying to do ?


The developers looked at your report. It is generating over 10MB of data and timing out. The recommendation is to generate a report with less data.

@RogerHeiniluoma - is the incomplete merit badge report similar to what you are trying to do ?

Yessir, that’s exactly what I’m trying to find again.

Got it:
Go to the TROOP



May I make a suggestion – the main Reports menu should have ALL reports – troop, scout, etc… all of them… make them submenus if you need… but don’t change the available reports based on which page you are on.

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