Report inconsistency

The first graphic shows bsa history report. Second is eagle app. Communications did not have leader approved checked. MID 136145285

That seems like it’s behaving as intended, @RonFedele. Without the Leader Approval, there hasn’t been the unit-level verification of the completion of the badge, so the date doesn’t appear on the Eagle Application. Am I misunderstanding what you were aiming at?

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i would think it shouldnt show on the history report either.

History report shows all data in one place - that is why it shows with the *

I guess I can see that, although the history report sometimes gets used as a method to check what has and hasn’t been completed, and what needs sign-offs (the latter use being like a printable Needs Approval report).

My recollection is that the asterisk in the history report indicates that it hasn’t yet been Leader Approved.

ETA: Oops. Missed that Donovan had already responded. Ah, well. :^)

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