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Request to add PayPal and Centralized Document Storage to Scoutbook

We currently have Troop Master as our database management system. Some features that we like with Troop Master that we would like to see in Scoutbook are:

  • Document Storage - we currently have forms and notes for our current generation of Scout Masters and ASM’s to future generations to use so that they don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to camping, Courts of Honor, Filing Reimbursement forms, The Eagle Scout Process, etc.
  • PayPal - We have a centralized registration system for our campout in which our parents can register their scout and then pay for their scout’s campout at the end of their registration process. This makes it very easy for our Treasurer so that they are not chasing down parents for a check or cash to pay for campouts. We also use the PayPal system to pay for annual dues.

@ChristineRandolfi - the request for document storage has been made multiple times and multiple times it has been pointed out that this is a rather expensive proposition. The cost of enterprise rated storage with backup and redundant systems is something that must be funded and set up properly and I do doubt you will see that in the near or far term.

We use free (or nearly-free) services like Google for cloud storage on a unit-basis and provide links to those documents.

I’d hate to start paying BSA to maintain cloud storage, since they will have to pay for enough storage to support all of the units.

I know that linking events to payments has been requested in several forms on the forums. There are a lot of issues to be resolved on those fronts. Our unit uses online payments, but not as an integrated system. I can see both advantages and disadvantages to integrating the systems.

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