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Document Storage on Scoutbook

Hello. Our Pack has recently switched to Scoutbook for our communication. We have documents we need to save for future events like scripts for events, song lyrics for caroling, PWD rules and much more. These are important to assist future volunteers.

Right now Scoutbook does not have that feature. Is there a way a storage option can be added even if it’s an upgrade option?

Thank you

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Enterprise storage space is crazy expensive - BSA probably wont be doing that - just go get a free google drive

@GregLeBlanc our units all have gmail accounts which provide storage, web pages etc which we use to their fullest extent and they are free.

One way to have the appearance of “Scoutbook” storage for your unit, but to take advantage of what @DonovanMcNeil suggested in terms of the actual storage, is to create a series of discussion threads in your unit forum at discussions.scouting.org that relate to different things. Then, within the threads you can post links to various documents at the hosting site (e.g. drive.google.com). We do something similar in our unit, and it’s worked pretty well for us for a while, despite having almost 80 scouts.


That’s what we’ve been doing. Works pretty seamlessly, too.

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+1 to Charley’s post!!

Scouter Rob

Thank you all. Those are great suggestions


Just make sure to periodically check your links…say at least once a year.

We annotate at the bottom of the forum post when the links were last checked.

“Links checked on 10 Dec 2019.” for example…

Dead links are frustrating!!

Scouter Rob


Yep. Even with other storage options, we don’t have infinite storage. I prune old stuff out of our online storage (we use Box, for what it’s worth) when it’s no longer relevant.

I would still like to express interest in storage. Obviously, it would be waaaaay cost prohibitive to offer free storage to everyone, but it would be nice to offer it as a paid add-on (with various tiers of GB). The reason I say this is that it would allow full control over the storage without allowing Google the access to your docs. Call me a paranoid IT Manager, but Google knows enough about us, so I like to make it as hard as possible for them to have any more info than necessary. :slight_smile:

I don’t know… The BSA just made Scoutbook free for everyone last year. I can easily see, given the amount of general complaints about Scoutbook content and support if they rolled out a paid tier. Right off the bat, the people complaining loudly here that the folks at National are all overpaid and should be volunteering their time and expertise would start shouting that “It was free! There must be some conspiracy!!!”

With that said, it’s not like Google is the only option for online storage. If you’re worried about security, you could go with Spider Oak or something.

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The BSA does not own its servers. Most of the BSA’s systems actually run on Amazon servers. A few of the systems are run by IBM. There may be others that I am unaware of.

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Our pack utilizes the non-profit status of our charter organization for things like this topic. We were able to work with our COR to open a Microsoft non-profit office 365 account. We get 25 email addresses and the full office suite with around 30GB of space per user. We have sharepoint folders set up for storage. We also use Weebly to host our web site and it ties into our shared storage with a password for the parents to access event photos and such. We have added the technology to our new scout applications and to give everyone easy access to upcoming events. So much good going on. There are small fees annually or every few years for a web site name and hosting, but the benefit out weighs the cost easily. Google does something similar as well.


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