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Rsvp Deadlines/ turn off rsvp on a deadline

Can we add a toggle to create RSVP deadlines? With Covid having hard RSVP dates will better provide head counts for activities, so after a deadline no one else can RSVP for an event? Example, horseback riding event spread out over a few days can only take 10 at a time (patrol sized) or need a headcount by a week before. It may not stop someone from showing up but it eases the need for head outs for food purchases, tickets etc.

I know that this has been requested before. I don’t know where it is in the backlog, though.

ETA: I’ve worked around this by creating an event comment that contains the list of people who had RSVPd by the deadline, or linking to a read-only Google sheet that lists the information. That way, everyone knows whether or not they made the cutoff.

It might be achievable. The RSVPs hang if you turn off RSVPs for the event, so the database flag (or whatever it uses) holds on. Adding a timer on it is alot more work (time waiting for development) than you saying I am turning it off at X

OK. I get the workaround:

  1. Turn on RSVPs
  2. Turn off RSVPs at the designated RSVP cutoff time.
  3. Turn them back on when you’re ready to count noses. You can use the Feature Assistant Extension to pull an RSVP report if you have a large group.
  4. Turn it back off if you want to lock the RSVP list again, or leave it on to allow “wait list” collection.

I just tested this with a patrol meeting, and it seems to have worked. Thanks, @DonovanMcNeil.

Well there is supposed to be a Native RSVP report it is just busted right now

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