Request to have Scoutbook servers rebooted (10/18/22)

10/18/22, between 7pm - 9pm, Scoutbook keeps throwing errors when requested to show Scouts in a Patrol, or Troop Rosters.

I thought it was an issue with our internet connection at the Troop meeting, but now that I am home on a dependable internet connection, it is still happening, phone or computer.

I recommend that you reboot the servers.

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FYI, has not been the official URL for Scoutbook for quite some time now. It continued to function as a forwarding address for some time, but has been deprecated because it’s unstable. is the correct target.

I don’t know what the answer is, but we had the same issues. I’ll let them troubleshoot.

BSA IT is aware of last night’s performance issues and is investigating the cuase.

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It has been more of a headache than usual to work in scoutbook the last couple of weeks.

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