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Request to Separate Service Hours Logging from Advancements

I would like to ask that the ability to log advancements be able to be delegated to someone other than from the Key 3. We have always had someone who is not in Key 3 do this activity to help minimize the workload for each individual. Would it be possible to find a way to give access to a leader (not Key 3) to enter service hours without having to designate them as a Key 3 alternate?

I believe that someone designated as the Unit Advancement Chair in the Organizational Security Manager (OSM) at my.scouting also has access to approve advancements. There is a functionality matrix here near the middle of the page (below the video):

ETA: Note that the designation has to be at my.scouting.org using the OSM. Just being designated as the advancement chair in Scoutbook doesn’t automatically grant access.


The concern is that there is a lot of work being put on Key 3 and Advancement Chair.

Fair point, but there are a number of other positions that, at least according to the abilities matrix at the link I posted, also have entry and approval access.

Under Organizational Security Manager you can designate someone who is already in a background-checked position to be a Key 3 Delegate. That person can then share the load of adding in service and hiking and camping hours.

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