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I use “Quick Entry” all the time to enter the same requirement for multiple scouts, but would really love a “Quick View” too, so I can easily see which scouts need a particular requirement without having to build a new report each time.
This would be especially helpful in my cub scout den when we are revisiting an adventure that we did back in September when we hadn’t finished our fall recruiting. If we do the requirements a second time, I want to be sure that I’m catching the ones who need it!
It would also be helpful in our troop to be able to easily check things like “which scouts need to complete a cooking requirement?” when assigning jobs for a campout.

I know I can do all of this through Report Builder, but it’s not quick and it’s really overkill if I’m just trying to see one requirement or one adventure.


You can save any report you create in Report Builder so you do not need to rebuid it each time.

I doubt any development time would be put into a feature like you describe or how it would end up any different than Report Builder.

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The difference would be in the ease of use.

We are currently redoing the entire cub program because parts of it were “too hard” for some leaders. I’ve never heard complaints about the things that are being changed, but I’ve had many leaders ask me why they can’t see which kids have earned something without checking each one individually. And for most of them, I show them how to pull a report and their eyes glaze over and they say “nevermind. That’s too hard.”

I think what I’m looking for is basically just a Quick Report button within the page that could call out to the Report Builder and spit out a completion report for the same kids and requirements that are available when you click the Quick Entry button. I don’t think that would get quite down to the level of a single requirement, but it would be a Quick and Easy way to get a report that’s not too overwhelming that includes the needed information, and could rely heavily on logic that has already been written.

If we’re committed as an organization to making this easy for parents to step up and implement, I really think this would be a worthwhile use of resources. I can make reports all day with the existing tools and it sounds like you also think that’s no big deal - but for the majority of leaders in the units I work with, it’s overwhelming and they’re just not going to do it.

This is very easily done with Report Builder - have done it for years for Scout through First Class without ever having to change the report.

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