Scoutbook Gap Analysis

Can Scoutbook generate a Troop wide report that performs a gap analysis of what requirements are needed by the most scouts?
The intent of the report is to see which requirements we should be planning on offering on a routine basis. For instance, when the Scouts are planning their programming, what could be offered that would be of benefit to the greater number of scouts? Do we have a large group of scouts that need Second Class requirement 2c, or just a few? Or would a large amount of scouts benefit from Second Class 3a versus Tenderfoot 7a. This would also help the adults understand what support is needed for the unit. Thanks in advance for any help (first time to post here).

Have you tried making the report you want?

Report Builder
Select all Scouts
Select all ranks
Show empty requirements

That more or less shows what you are asking for.


I would like to point out; however, that in a healthy troop, this is not an adult responsibility.

  • Firstly, the scout has a handbook, and should know what he/she needs for the next rank.
  • Secondly, the PL’s should be asking their scouts what they need for their next rank.
  • Thirdly, at the PLC, the SPL should be asking the PL’s what their scouts need for the next rank.

Collectively, the boys should figure out fun ways to fill those gaps. (Maybe once in a while they might take their SM’s and ASMs’ dumb ideas seriously.)

That said, the old wall chart with each scout on a row and columns colored in for each requirement completed was pretty cool. I think it would be fun if Scoutbook did a pixelated version of that. The SM or PL could bring up the image, show it to the troop, and click on the columns that were the most empty to see which req’s everyone could stand to learn.


You can get a similar chart from Report Builder by using the “Show Pivoted Presentation”, “Show Requirement Descriptions” and “Show Empty Requirement” options and not selecting “Show % Complete” or “Show Dates”

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Thank you everyone. This was mostly a question about how to get information out of Scoutbook. We are a decent sized Troop and want to make sure we can support the request we predict the Scouts PLC may make of us. In the end, the Scouts must drive the program and their own advancement. Thanks again.

I believe that should be “boys or girls”. I suspect any gap analysis would have to be for each troop.

P.S. There are troops whose members and officers are girls.

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