Retaking Unexpired YPT on mobile app

It seems as the myscouting mobile app won’t allow retaking YPT until the training has expired (or is close to expiring). The button is greyed out. This creates an issue in councils that require Scouters to retake the training each year. We have directed Scouters to retake the training at the website, though it would be a huge help if they could also take it using the app.


I have reproduced this on my own phone. Please pass it on to the correct group.

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It has been submitted. @DavidCynamon you should report these issues to your local council, so they can submit a ticket to National.

BSA IT is aware of the issue and a developer is working on it. As this is an app, be prepared to update your local phone with a new version when it is deployed to your local App Store.




@edavignon Thank you for getting this to the right people!

@RonaldBlaisdell Thank you!!!

I just got an update for the app and it appears that the issue was resolved