SB invite link takes parent to my.scouting

Hi folks. We have a new cub registered by council. After sending the join Scoutbook link to the mother she tells us the following: When I select this link and login it is taking me to the Myscouting site instead and its logging me in as a trainee.

I’m unable to login in Scoutbook for my son Marshall nor myself as the Tiger den leader. I’m wondering if there’s confusion with the system since I’m using the same email address for both of us. I can use my other email address to separate the accounts if needed.
I suggested she delete the child’s account so it’s just her associated with the email. Anything more? Thanks

Provide the scout’s bsa member number, and we can look at it.

Hi. The scout is 137476623. Mom does not yet have an ID. thanks

It looks like the mom entered the scouts info in my.scouting. Have here go back there to create a new account for herself with all of her info. She will need to enter her bsa member number, 12156128 (one digit different) in order to create it and claim her scoutbook account.

Got it. Will this impact her pending cub leader application that is will the council create yet another member ID?

Yes, I saw a bunch of training on the account that has the scout’s name. You should definitely talk to your council registrar about that.

It looks like the parent already has a my.scouting account in her own name (with Google sign in turned on) and 2 BSA member numbers:

137476624 - Last name is spelled differently and Tiger Adult Parent registration (not an adult leader position)
14006889 - more training

Hmm. So should mom make a new account after all or something else?

Mother’s name is Karolyn Alston.

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@JenniferOlinger hi. You had commented on my scout parent Alston three accounts and the need to merge them. Did that take place and if yes Andy next steps? Thanks in advance

@JohnDean4 Did this get solved?

You council registrar needed to fix the accounts. If the registrar does know how or has trouble with the BSA databases they can submit a ticket to national. I rare occassion when my BSA my.Scouting member account had to removed and rebuilt by the national service center.

Scoutbook User Advisory Council does not have administrative control of membership registration.

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