Cant get parent to a leader role

I know you dont like private info here I have a parent who has two BSA numbers in Scoutbook and Neither one will let me add this person as a Den Leader. I know the admins here have fixed this before for me so please help.


@DavidLafko post the BSA #s and we can take a look

The BSA Number we want to keep is 12854075 The bad number is 13144533

@DavidLafko I merged the 2 SB Users - the 533 is a deleted number. This adult is not a registered leader and therefor cannot be given a leader position in SB. They need to register, take YPT, ect.

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Perfect thanks I just called and she is going to do it all today Good Catch

Thanks as always

if she uses paper application she needs to include 12854075 so she does not get another number - otherwise she does have a log in - she could do online application if your unit has it turned on for adults

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