Role that allows you to create or edit events

Is there a specific role that will allow the creation and editing of Calendar events outside of the Troop Admin role?

We have a few Committee members who would love to take over that portion but we don’t necessarily want to make them a troop admin. It would also be nice if there was a way to let the SPL and ASPL also create events as well

Also trying to confirm if a committee member has view to a scouts profile in Connection manager will that allow them to email the parents of that scout?



The Committee Secretary and Outdoor Activities Chairs as designated in Position Manager on the roster page in can edit the calendar.

Scouts with the Calendar Editor leadership position can also edit the calendar.

View Profile of the Scouts will allow sending e-mail to the unit.

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Thanks Ed,

I will try those out. Appreciate your feedback as always

Ed will the Scribe leadership allow that youth to send out meeting notes and minutes in the messaging tool? Just trying to get my PLC set up appropriately and actually start using scoutbook to its full extent


You need to give the Scribe the Calendar Editor leadership position to be able to edit the calendar. Calendar Editor is the only youth position that allows a youth to edit the calendar.


Is there some sort reference page that goes position by position and role by role on what it allows you to do in scoutbook? I’m not aware of something like that existing.

I just think if something like that existed it would make it easier for units to set it up for people outside of the key 3 to have the troop admin role. I have a feeling that is what is provided, just because its the path of least resistance

There are lots of help documents at:

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