Problem regarding expired leaders

Ok this is a convoluted sort of problem. I ran the user account analysis report for councils (thank you @GaryFeutz ) and I am slowly making my way down it to clean up stuff (down to 1800 issues from over 3000) ran across an adult who had the duplicate nickname column check (not quite sure what that is for) Looked at him in the VST he is not registered as of 2019 In scoutbook. He still has a child in the program therefore his inclusion on this report but in the SB side it still shows him with full control of a number of scouts, Is this a one off or am I missing something

MID [130957932]


You are correct, his connections should have been at a minimum dropped to View Profile/View Advancement. I have passed this on to the developers for investigation.


The Nickname check catches accounts where there may be a nickname dup acct (e.g. Ron and Ronald). There are false positives - I have several units where a father/son are both leaders in the same unit. If I find that - i add a note and import the results so I know next time…

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