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Roster Builder Bug

If I create a roster builder report with:

  1. sort by last name, first name, then middle name
  2. select the unit in question
  3. select all adults with leaders and parents under it
  4. under settings select adult leader options - show email addresses
  5. show parents & guardians - show parent’s email

I don’t get all of the parents. 3 parents are left off.

Seems to be working OK for me when I follow your steps.

Ok, ok. I know you guys need better proof, so here are my redacted screen shots. Only adult first names are shown.

The highlights in yellow aren’t listed in the adult members list. “ADULT MEMBERS” is also a misnomer since it includes parents that have no leadership role in any of the units.

I don’t see any commonality with the missing adults other than they are all “only parents”. Again, some “only parents” are listed in the first list.

  1. Dean never accepted the invite
  2. Michelle H, Steven, and Trisha are a 3 parent group, but Heather V is also and she shows above

This has been reported to the dwvelopers

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