Report does not include email addresses of parents who didn't connect

Problem: den reports exclude email addresses of parents who have not connected to their accounts.

How to reproduce: go to a den in Scoutbook, click Print Roster. On the next screen, check Show Parents & Guardians and Show Parent’s Email, then click View Roster. The resulting roster shows names for all parents but omits the email addresses for parents who have not connected to their accounts.

Expected behavior: all email addresses are shown. There is no logic here behind hiding email addresses for parents just because they haven’t connected to their accounts.

I’m happy to share over a Zoom meeting or other method if you contact me directly.


Roster Builder (print roster) is going through a redesign. I’ll make sure the developers are aware of this.

Thanks. An option to output into CSV or similar would be helpful. The only place I see that is a whole-pack export, and it looks like you may need to be a pack admin to get to that.


Thanks. I have reread your original post and will add a story to the backlog to fix the Scoutbook user interface as well.

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I was hoping you’d write “selected for development”. :grin:


I’m still confused. I tried to follow your steps and there is something missing. Are you clicking Print Roster after selecting the den? If so, this is Roster Builder. I have already passed this on to the developers working on the new Roster Builder. If you are referring to another location, please let me know where so I can get the proper story written.


I am not able to reproduce. When I go to:

Den [Patrol] page → Print Roster → Show Parents & Guardians → Show Parent’s Email

The report outputs all parent e-mail addresses - connected or not.

Sorry, yes. I left off that step. I edited my original post with that correction.

I just reproduced the issue. I’m happy to demonstrate for you over a Zoom meeting if you’d like.

I was able to repro the issue with one of my dens where I know parents have not accepted the invite

I believe you. I think what might be happening is a corrupted parent connection. Try going to a Scout’s main page, click on a parent’s name (parent who has not connected), and Update the parent’s connection to the Scout. See if that fixes the issue.

@JenniferOlinger - the update connection does not change the condition.

I have 15 kids in this den. Most of the parents’ emails are blocked on this report.

I was able to reproduce. I have passed the info. on to the developers. Thank you both for reporting it!

I am facing the same issue @JenniferOlinger. A few of parent’s email are not popping in the roster print report. I tried updating the profile/connections in every possible way but cannot figured out the pattern of missing emails.

Please post once this is fixed.


All changes are announced in the Change Log category. We recommend keeping an eye on it.

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A work around (until they get this report fixed) would be to log into Assuming you are key 3 or have the correct access, you can down load a csv file from the Member Manager. → Click Menu, then your unit, then Member Manager. Click on Adults. Check all (Check mark), then download. This data pulls from the BSA records, so your council will have to everything entered into the system.

Look around also has GREAT training reports. Good Luck!

I’ve got a small sample size, but it looks like the email addresses/phone numbers that are showing up in the roster are for people who were already in the system from last year. None of our new parents are showing up, whether they have accepted their invitation or not.
There is one new parent who has accepted his invitation, and not only is his information not showing up in the roster, when you go to the “Modify Connected Adult Page” up at the top where you normally would see picture, name, address, phone, email, all you see is pic/name. There is no address, phone, or email. And if you open “Edit Profile” although the address & phone info is visible there, the email field is completely gone.
Is this a deliberate change to keep all of the emailing within Scoutbook?

The intent is to prevent adult leaders from altering the contact information to circumvent the Scoutbook implementation of YPT by setting the parent email to something other than the correct email, emailing the youth, then returning the parent email to the correct value.

I don’t think this provides a safety measure consummate with the trouble it causes for managing emails, but the BSA didn’t consult me. :wink:

So it’s normal for the field to disappear altogether? I would have expected it top just be grayed out like the bsa id number.
In any case, is there a reason that all contact info is hidden? Is that something that parents can request?