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Parent MBC not showing in troop roster

We have some parents that are merit badge counselors, but do not hold an troop positions. These parents are not showing up on my roster, even though I know they are active on Scoutbook and linked to their kids in our troop. Parents that are linked to a kid but that hold no unit position and is not a MBC are showing up in the roster. Any thoughts on how to include all my linked parents in my roster?

Since MBC is not a unit-level position, the parents will not appear on the unit’s adult leader roster. Scoutbook isn’t architected to show non-leader adults (or adults who hold non-unit positions) on the unit roster. You can show (some) parent information using the Roster Builder Manager under My Dashboard -> My Units -> Unit Reports -> Roster Builder Manager.

It depends a lot on the purpose of having them appear how you might work around the software architecture. What’s the goal of having them appear on the roster?


In fact, from Roster Builder Manager, I was able to quickly cobble together an adult roster that displays all of the adults in our unit, and displays their BSA ID and what MBs they counsel:

OK, it looks like I misread the original question. Which roster are you seeing some parents appear in, but not others? What path do you use to get to it in Scoutbook? It sounds like there’s something more going on that I first understood.

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Assuming that you are talking about Scoutbook and not IA 2.0, do you see them when you go to the Troop Roster page and then:

  1. At the top of the Scout roster, click on the gear (Settings) icon
  2. Click on the box next to Show Parents / Guardians
  3. Update

Do you see all of the parents listed there with their Scout?

@MetteRossi - as the MBC i NOT a unit position they will not be listed in the leader section. They will however be listed as parents in the message system and under their respective scouts in the roster.

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The answer to this depends on what council you are in. Some councils upload their list to Scoutbook. Others do not.

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@jacobfetzer - it appears that Hudson Valley Council does upload their list.


@CharleyHamilton I used that same roster report you posted a picture of and linked parents show up, except the two parents that are also MBC but don’t hold a unit position.
Here are the scenarios I see:
Parents that have no position and are not MBC show up. yeah
Parents that are leaders and MBC show up. yeah
Adults that are leaders and not MBC show up. Yeah
Parents that are MBC but not leader do not show up. ???

we do upload the list

@MetteRossi - that is correct. If they are an MBC in you council but do not hold a position in the unit they will not be listed in the unit either in scoutbook or in my.scouting.org as they are not unit positions.

@JenniferOlinger Yes the parents show up under the scouts when I look at the roster and show guardians

@Stephen_Hornak the rest of the parents that are not unit leaders show up in the report, just not the ones that are parents and MBC but not unit leaders.

That’s odd, @MetteRossi. It sounds like the parents who aren’t appearing may have duplicate BSA IDs, or that someone “retired” the wrong BSA ID in an effort to eliminate duplicates.

How recently do they show as having used Scoutbook under their names? What’s the update date listed for your council’s MBC list? I’m wondering if that could be used to establish a timeline.


That is the latest update

The council updated the MBC list last week. Both have been counselors and using scoutbook for a year plus, and parents since long before that :slight_smile:

I suppose they could have duplicate BSA ID’s but I’m not sure how to check that.

@MetteRossi - you can look at their profile if you click on them from the roster page where they show with the scout, then click on edit profile and scroll down to see if a BSA ID is there. You can cross reference from the troop page, then MBC List then search for a known merit badge they work with and limit the range and see if the very same person shows up. If it looks remotely different then two ID’s most likely.

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I can see the BSA # on the profile linked to their scout, but not when I find them on the MBC list. I do see that it’s the same email listed in both places

Right, but how recently do they show in the roster as having connected to Scoutbook? I have some parents who unexpectedly show as never having connected to Scoutbook, but I know that they have in the past. I suspect, in my case, that it’s related to recent updates of a non-MBC sort. If the “last used Scoutbook” date is earlier than the HVC update date, that could suggest that there’s an issue associated with the update. If they’ve connected since then, it could suggest something else.

That said, if the email addresses match, that seems to suggest that it’s the same account.

@MetteRossi - One other method is to search their name from the troop roster page, then add leader and see how many show up in the list.

@CharleyHamilton - is right that it would indicate the same person but not completely ruling out dupes.

Both of them last connected before the last update of MBC. They are still listed for all the same MBs as before the update.