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Rosters are different on Scoutbook than My.Scouting.Org after 2021 Recharter

After our recharter processed the first week of February, we have 4 differences in our Scoutbook roster than our my.scouting.org roster. The my.scouting.org roster is correct.

  • 2 scouts turned 18 and did not recharter but show as scouts in the scoutbook roster
  • 1 scout turned 18 and wanted to register as an adult but did not submit his adult application and was told he would process late. He shows as registered as College Reserve in scoutbook.
  • 1 adult who has not been registered in the troop for several years but shows in scoutbook.

Why are there differences in the rosters? What is the process to correct them?

the 2 scouts that did not recharter are in a 60 day grace period in the systems before their memberships end in SB - you can just put an end date to the memberships in Scoutbook.
On the 2nd-3rd ones you can post the BSA # and we can take a look.

Thanks for the explanation. I entered an end date for the 2 scouts who did not recharter and for the adult whose membership ended in 2019. I’ll leave the 18 y/o who plans to register as an adult and see if he submits his app within 60 days.

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