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2020 Recharter inconsistent between my.scouting.org and scoutbook

We have quite a few scouts who did not re-register for 2020 ( some > 18 yrs, some moved and some stopped participating )

These scouts are no longer visible in my.scouting … however they are still in the scoutbook records.

Why ?
I thought there was only one database

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Scouts who are >18 remain on the Scoutbook roster to allow time to complete any last awards they may have earned before 18, Mark all awards awarded etc. Since it is very difficult to write an algorithm to figure out which Scouts need to remain, the decision was made to leave all > 18 on the roster. You can remove them by putting an end date on their membership entry.

We are working with BSA IT to fix the < 18. They should have been removed from the Scoutbook roster.

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We have two who are greater than 18, in fact one is already 19 and they are still listed in Scoutbook. I went in and added a membership end date. Hopefully that will remove them from our Troop in Scoutbook.

Scouts who are 18 on January 1 remain on the Scoutbook roster to allow the unit time to make sure their records are fully up to date. We are working with BSA IT to get Scouts who are not 18 on January 1 removed from the Scoutbook roster if they are not continuing when the recharter is processed.

Thanks. The two we have were not 18 on January 1 and are not on the list on my.scouting.org.

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