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A Roundtable Commissioner has completed all of the online Roundtable Commissioner training courses as part of the learning path in, but does not show as TRAINED on the District report because “D19 - Roundtable Commissioner Trng Basic” is needed. It was my understanding that the online learning path/courses could be done instead of D19 in order to be considered “TRAINED” although the report doesn’t even show those. Please advise.

@shigadeyo - discuss this with your council

How long ago did they complete the online modules? The trained status can take some time to sync. Also, the training report is very hard to decipher. Even for trained people, it lists courses that are needed to be trained. It’s not smart enough to realize that their are various different options and versions of the training requirements.

@shigadeyo What does it say for the person at:

My Training → Requirements

Do they see a trained patch next to their Roundtable Commissioner position? Do they see any modules that still need to be completed?

@JenniferOlinger … Not marked as TRAINED, need:
Roundtable Commissioner Trng Basic - D19 - Classroom Training

None of the online training seems to be considered.

@jacobfetzer … May 2023

@shigadeyo Please ask your local council to submit a help ticket to National.

D19 is the classroom version of the online modules.

I was able to figure out that completing the associated Commissioner Onboarding is needed in addition to the online training in order to be considered “Trained” in the respective position:

  • D17 Council Commissioner Onboarding
  • D18 DC/ADC Commissioner Onboarding
  • D19 Roundtable Commissioner Onboarding
  • D20 Unit Commissioner Basic Onboarding

More information is available about this at Commissioner Basic Training | Boy Scouts of America.

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