Training... could be improved

Several things leading to frustration.

Duration doesn’t really matter. What would be more helpful IMO is a filter by program, so I could limit it to Cub Scout items only. Same in the Learning Plans area.

Currently, I’m trying to figure out why this shows 100%, but I don’t show as “Trained” in SB. I assume it’s because I’m still missing something, but I can’t find a view that will indicate what’s missing.

I’m thinking it may have something to do with my old pack trainer position.


But I thought the general Pack Committee Member training was the only training I needed for that posuition. It’s been a while though, so I’m open to being wrong about that.

Even the Trained Leader Status report doesn’t show specifically what’s missing, so I’m not sure how I’d track that down.

Maybe I just don’t understand the tools, but my assumption would be that this search would bring up the “Pack Trainer” and “Unit Trainer” training learning plans. It brings up nothing.

Here I’d expect it to bring up a singular entry for each position in the pack as I’d expect a learning plan to be a bundle of all of the individual training for that particular position. Maybe there’s a different term for that I’m missing? Is that what Programs is?

The other issue is that it only brings up 8 items in search. All of them are for Pack Committee Chair. Where are the rest? Does it only show ones that I’m enrolled in?

A “pack” search under Programs brings up nothing.

Also, the breadcrumb trail is useless because everything seems to be tier 2, past the catalog…

Maybe this is a limitation of the software, but my expectation would be that it would look more like…

Catalog > Pack > Committee Chair > Before Your First Outdoor Activity

That way I could click up a level to see all of the other committee chair stuff in the Catalog. I realize that some have overlap, so they could be…

Catalog > All > YPT


Catalog > Pack > All > class-title

I’m pretty experienced in software as volunteers go, and

The requirements for Pack Trainer are:

  • Committee Member training; either online modules or in-person class
  • Train-the-Trainer (Fundamentals) D70; this is an in-person class
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Thanks. Where would I find those?

Not under MyLearning.

Doesn’t appear to be in the Catalog.

Here is one way to see what is required for your registered positions and what you have completed.

From Scoutbook home page > click my.Scouting Dashboard (Training) > click Requirements

This provides a list for each position you are registered in.

However, this is useless for a position you are not registered in yet.

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It shows only my Committee Chair spot, which is fine, but everything listed shows completed.

I did find this though through there. Both Pack Committee Chair Training and Pack Committee Member Training are showing 100%.

BSA National has training information on their website: > click menu > Training for Adults [or search BSA Adult Leader Training]

Scroll down to Position-Specific (Role-Based) Courses, Basic Leader Requirements. Click More Information

This lists the training requirements for all unit-level leaders.

The easiest way is to go to my.scouting and then go to:

Menu → My Training → Requirements

You will see a “Trained” patch next to your registered position(s) if you have completed the position-specific training. As Doug said, it only works for registered positions.

If you go to the pack’s Training Manager, under the Trained Leaders pie chart, there is a link that says View Position Requirements. click on it, and it will take you to a chart with all of the positions. The position of Pack Trainer basically needs the same training as a Pack Committee Member plus “Fundamentals of Training”. It’s the same chart that’s available at:

BSA Training for Adults: Position-Specific (Role-Based) Courses: Basic Leader Requirements: More Information

I think the “Trained” patch icon in Scoutbook might be broken.

When my.Scouting shows you are trained, but Scoutbook does not, then something is wrong with the automatic sync. Maybe SUAC can manually trigger a sync to update Scoutbook.

I’m seeing this…

But the only links are to a slide deck and PDF. How do I actually take that training?

I had previously shared that there’s nothing in there not completed. (I’m the middle one)

I see how it links to that doc though, thanks.

Maybe it’s just a broken sync. Thanks all.

@DavidO Just jumping in as a point of reference, Training Fundamentals (required for Pack/Unit Trainer) is only offered in person by your Council (or a local surrounding Council). It does have it’s own course code and should show as missing on your training report. If it isn’t on there, then that may be a bug with My.Scouting and the training report not correctly listing all missing training for the Unit Trainer (maybe a question for @RonaldBlaisdell to pass along to the My.Scouting team to review).

It does sound as though (from your description) you have not completed this in-person Training Fundamentals training to be fully recognized as “trained” for the Unit Trainer position.

The T3 courses are only taught in-person. Check with your Council Training Chair.

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Yes, @RonaldBlaisdell, I think we established it’s an in person course. The question is why the original user’s report does not list the missing in person training code on the training list from training manager.

Now I suspect part of the issue (as gleamed from other posts) is that the original post from @DavidO is registered as Committee Chair and thus cannot be dual registered as a Unit Trainer and therefore will never show as trained on the My.Scouting training report as trained for the position.

His only option may be going to My.Scouting and clicking on My Training and on the next screen, in the top left corner click “my completions” and change to “positions trained” and it will show all positions for which he has completed training (whether registered in that position or not).

I would not expect Train-the-Trainer (Fundamentals) D70 in person course to be listed in the online training catalog. Some older training my also not be listed in the online training catalog.

The basic leader “Position-Specific (Role-Based) Courses” training requirements may be found on the adult training web page:

For the pack trainer position/role the online “Pack Committee Member” training may be substituted for the in-person “Pack Committee Challenge” course.

In the myScouting app

  • to take training: My Training > Training Center > Cub Scouting
  • to list training completed for registered positions: My Training > Requirements
    • A trained badge on a registered position indicates basic leader training for the position has been completed.

P.S. The in-person training completion is usually entered by the district training committee or council registrar from a course completion form submitted by the instructor.


And I would concur with your assessment. Sorry, I did not go back and read from the top of the thread, just the question posed.

Fundamentals of Training

If your unit commissioner does not know, contact your district training committee.

Some councils/districts need to offer this training more frequently. It can be one of the tougher courses to implement because it requires several facilitators to present and a facilitator for each small group of 6 to 8 students.

I do not know if any council has successfully implemented this training using conferencing software. I suspect this style of learning cannot be integrated with the online BSA® Learning Center.


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