RSVP going to inactive leaders/youth

I manager our Scoutbook calendar and now that we’ve moved to the Internet Advacement calendar, I notice there are adult leaders and youth getting requests to RSVP. I ended their membership in Scoutbook and the roster function in Internet Advancement, but they still show up in the RSVP section of the calendar. How do I remove them so they aren’t getting emailed and so they don’t show up when I try to “mark all”?

Can you post Unit # / Council / and a hand full of sample BSA # (no names?)

Hi Donovan. Pack 3306, Lake Erie Council.

And one other that I don’t see a BSA ID, listed as parent with initials BT

@RoarkeBaldwin can you give an event name?

There’s a Leadership meeting this Thursday (7/11)

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