RSVP Report Request: Show the dates of "overdue" health forms in red

RSVP Report Request: Show the dates of “overdue” health forms in red. Right now, we have to do the math. That is what computers are for!

Color is already used for the logo on the page, so it isn’t like all attempts were made to not include color.

I assume you mean to denote if they are expired as of the date of the event. And assume that would have to be based on the end date of the event… unless there’s a citation contrary to that.

Using color isn’t an issue. It’s more an issue when that’s the only way to distinguish something. So, using color AND including a symbol to indicate it’s expired would be better.

I’ve brought this up for discussion within the SUAC, but any other thoughts are welcome.

I would suggest color plus bold & italic for the date, or even just replacing the date with the word “EXPIRED” .

It could depend on how the report is coded with regard to formatting the data for output. If the output routine is expecting a date, and automatically applies a format based on that assumption (e.g. DD/MM/YYYY), then serving the word “expired” might break the auto-formatting.

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Yes, when expired. A star something would be perfect.

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Red-Green Color Blindness

Some people are red/green color-blind.

About 1 in 12 men in the United States are color blind. For more see:

I wish the BSA IT developers would thinking about making Scoutbook more accessable. For more see:


I think that a combination of color (for quick identification by those without color vision issues) and typeface (for those who do have color vision impairments) could serve both groups without significant programming effort.

I think that @jacobfetzer addressed that concern in the following sentences.

[ Emphasis added ]


Thank you, I miss-interpreted the symbol part, However, are the symbols readable by “text reader” browsers?

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