New RSVP Report bugs

  1. Bug: Button is labelled “PDF (Potrait)”
  2. Bug: PDF and CSV buttons ignore the the Include checkboxes, so you always get everyone in the unit.
  3. Bug: The report generation time is fixed to central timezone.
  4. Enhancement: Default to only include “Yes”.
  5. Enhancement: Include a separate ‘Parent’ section below the ‘Leader’ section that includes medical form dates. This will also allow you to delete the 2 confusing Parent RSVP columns.
  6. Enhancement: Highlight when a medical form date will be expired by the end date of the event.
  7. Enhancement: Get rid of the Unit column.

This has been reported ot the developers.

Greetings Joe,

You should see that the bugs you reported are fixed. Try them and let us know. Your enhancement list is under review, but #7 is declined as useful to other users.


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