Running Advancement Report Shouldn't Close Out the Advancements

“* When an Advancement Report is generated in Internet Advancement, the report will automatically include all advancement items from any open PO in Scoutbook, allowing users to remove items if they want to. Once the Advancement Report has been run in Internet Advancement, the PO will automatically be closed. Internet Advancement has a Purchase History tab where previously created advancement reports may be accessed.”

Having the PO automatically close is a horrible default. This needs to be changed immediately. I tried to run Advancement Reports for my den leaders to review and verify they were accurate before I went to purchase the awards. Now I am having to manually recreate the PO because there were multiple issues with ScoutBook not including advancements, leaders forgetting that something had already been awarded, or ScoutBook autopopulating awards a scout hadn’t earned. ScoutBook is creating more work, not less, for myself as well as my den leaders. Why would we use this system if it only creates more work. We could just stick to using spreadsheets like before.


If you are using Scoutbook, why are you generating advancement reports with Internet Advancement? You should be generating the Advancement Report from the Purchase Order in Scoutbook. It will not cause the PO to close.

Because that is what the guide told me to due as the advancements committee member when I login for the first time. If this is the incorrect action then the online guide needs to be updated. And, it would be helpful to help me out instead of implying I’m an idiot.

@RussellBainbridge - which guide are you referring to?

The “start here” click through guide. I also don’t have any other option to create reports than going through Internet Advancements.

@RussellBainbridge - i only touch internet advancement for the log files. Everything else i do happens in Can you provide the link to this start here…

No, because after I went through it I hit dismiss. It is basically for new users I think. I work in the software industry and it is a standard option for first time users.

@RussellBainbridge - you may want to look through here

@RussellBainbridge I would recommend that you use Scoutbook – not Internet Advancement. Stephen gave the url, but here it is again:

As a Pack Admin, you can go to Pack Reports and use:

  • Needs Approval Report
  • Needs Purchasing Report / Purchase Order (PO)
  • Needs Awarding Report

And you can use the “Cub Scout Recognition Report”.as a way to double-check to make sure items are not marked as Awarded by accident. (Be sure to check the “Include Awarded Within Date Range” and “Include Not-Awarded Regardless of Date Range” boxes.)

I don’t have the Pack Reports option.

@RussellBainbridge - could you post screen shots of what you do see in scoutbook ?

Sorry, I see you in Scoutbook as a Unit Advancement Chair, but not a Pack Admin. My mistake

You will want one of your pack’s Key 3 (Cubmaster, Committee Chair, or Chartered Org. Rep.) to log in at my.scouting, and go to:

Roster → Position Manager

to add the functional role of Unit Advancement Chair. You will need to wait for an overnight process to run, but the next day you will also be a Pack Admin.

Currently, you are in Scoutbook as Advancement Chair, but it looks like you are only connected to your own Scout.

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You are not a Pack Admin in Scoutbook. One of the existing admins can add that for you by going to the Pack Roster, clicking your name then +Add.

Alternately they can add you as a Unit Advancement Chair on the Position Manager page in

Thank you so much! I will work with my pack leader to get this straightened. Our local council removed our access to ScoutBook for the past year and we just got access again two weeks ago.