Advancement Report and ScoutNET file generated via Purchase Order page

If our troop’s Scoutbook entries are automatically syncing to BSA (we have the little arrow-circle-A symbol on all of our Scouts’ profiles) …Do I need to do anything with the Advancement Report PDF and the ScoutNET file available via the Purchase Order page?

Thanks in advance!

Advancement report is supposed to be turned into Scoutshop - the Scoutnet file is no longer good (and we probably should have turned that off - OOPS)

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Our scout shop no longer accepts Advancement reports so I don’t need that any more. Thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:

Scout Shops are not supposed to sell restricted awards (ranks, Merit Badges, some awards) without proof the award has been recorded. This is the purpose of the advancement report Scoutbook produces on the purchase order page.

Advancement Reports

Scoutbook has an advancement report it can generate. I am not sure what IA2 can do. There is a BSA national paper form:

Has the Scoutbook form been compared to the paper form lately?

BSA paper form procedures

from 2019 printing of paper form.

  1. Advancement procedures:
  • Packs. After den advancement reports are received from den leaders, this form is completed for the entire pack.
  • Troops. All Scouts who are ready for advancement appear before a board of review composed of at least three members. An advancement report must be sent to the council service center promptly following each board of review if advancement is not reported electronically. This report must be signed by at least three members of the board of review, including its chairman.
  • Crews and Ships. Venturers and Sea Scouts should give their advancement applications to their Advisor or Skipper who, in turn, takes them to the crew or ship committee for approval, then prepares, signs, and forwards this advancement report to the council service center.
  1. Only MEMBERS with unexpired membership certificates can be credited with advancement. Eagle Scout candidates must be registered throughout the time they are working on advancement requirements, but need not be registered thereafter or when their board of review is conducted.
  2. Fill in name and only one advancement award or merit badge on each line, but list all of one member’s advancement consecutively.
  3. The pack, troop, crew, or ship advancement committee members should interview youth members who are not advancing. List these individuals’ names on the bottom of the form.
  4. No Scouts BSA advancement may be earned by a Scout, Venturer, or Sea Scout who has reached the age of 18.
  5. Venturers may earn Venturing advancement and Sea Scouts may earn Sea Scouting advancement through age 20.

NOTE: Age limits specified above may not apply to

  • Special Scouts who do not have membership age limits.
  • Scouts with a youth membership extension that has a specific end date.

Bill- I don’t think the format is the same. I get just a long list. It has the same info tho.

Ed- I didn’t mean to imply the Scout Shop doesn’t verify. Apologies if I miswrote something.

September will be my first Court of Honor since switching 100% to Scoutbook so I’m full of questions lately. (I’m the Troop Advancement Chair)

When I go to the shop to buy rank patches, merit badges, etc I always have the recognition report with me so I know how much of what to get. I also keep a hard copy of them in the Troop records just in case of an electronic snafu.

But since the electronic records sync to National our Scout Shop doesn’t accept the paper forms - there’s nothing that they do with them any more.

Yours in Scouting,

  • Rob

I’m curious, any idea how the scout shop has access to Scoutbook? Right now, our scout shop requires us to generate the advancement pdf and print or save it separately & email it. It would be much more convenient if they simply had access or if there was some kind of “Submit to local Scout Shop” button built into the interface.


@Brendon - on the Roster page in Scoutbook under Troop Reports there’s a “Needs Purchasing Report.” Not sure if this is what you’re describing but this function creates a purchase order for the badges, etc. you’ll need for a Court of Honor.

This PO is supposed to go to your local Scout Shop so they can verify they have everything in stock or can know what to order if they don’t have it.

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@RobNesvacil, I understand that the ScoutShop no longer needs to keep a copy of the Unit Advancement Report, but what do they use to prevent you from just buying 10 badges for every rank, for example?

You also indicated that your Purchase Order is supposed to go to the Scout Shop. Do you email it ahead of time so they can order what is out of stock, or does your Council have another method?

The Advancement Report inside of the Purchase Order (PO) is what you are supposed to turn in to the Scout Shop to verify that the advancement items have been properly recorded for the Scouts.

The PO can be used as a shopping list. You can “Group by Item Type” and “Show Notes” to include other items that might need to be purchased. It also has Print and CSV options.

@Ken - I suppose someone could if they really wanted too. Like I said above I always have a report of some kind with me.

Have a great Labor Day.

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This is my first forum post. I’ve been Rank Advancement Chair for 4 years. This Scoutbook stuff makes me want to step down.
Where in the heck is the Purchase Order screen. I dont have any “Needs Purchasing Report” although I technically havent purchased anything.
There needs to be a hotline, this is so difficult! I LOVED the old system…
Please help.

I dont see that Needs Purchasing Report…but I think I need it!

@PenelopeWestney - that would be in your unit page in the reports section.
More specifically - My Dashboard then Administration then you should see your unit listed. Click on that and look for Reports and click on that. If there is nothing to be purchased then you would either have past reports if they were created. You would also see needs approval which would move items to needs purchasing.

Are you trying to use Scoutbook or the new Internet Advancement?

Good question from Jacob. I should have asked that.

Hi Penelope - I’m just starting out with a Scoutbook too (also my troops Adv Chair).

I’m away from home right now but when I get back I’ll post the link to some videos that really helped me.

Stick with it. Once I learned it I’m finding it mostly better than what we used before.

I am not sure if you are trying to use Scoutbook or Internet Advancement, but there are some help documents at the following link:

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