Running Reports

Has anyone successfully used Scoutbook to generate reports similar to Troopmaster for:
Merit Badges Earned
Target First Class
Target Eagle
Advancement Status

These are used quite a bit in our unit. We are considering going all in on Scoutbook, but so far its reporting is pale in comparison to Troopmaster.

If you have a report generator configuration you can share, that would be helpful.

@RichardScalzo have you looked at Report Designer? It’s accessible from the dashboard or unit page. This is customizable to be able to build reports (and save a configuration to run again later). Much of this information is available there.

The nice thing too is that you can save the reports and share them within your unit.

I created a number of reports similar to what you described. Here is a screenshot of the list. As Matt noted, I can share them with all the other leaders in the troop so they don’t have to recreate the reports.

My only complaint is that the report builder will not automatically filter the troop roster by rank - so for instance, I have to manually select those scouts who are not yet First Class for that report. Once a scout earns first class, I have to remember to remove him from that report and add him to the Trail to Eagle report. For a troop of 30 scouts that is not too bad. It would be harder in a very large troop.

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I would add that there is also the csv option so you can import the data into excel or the open source version for further manipulation.

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By turning on these settings and selecting your unit check box, Scouts will automatically be added/dropped from the report as they join/leave the unit and earn the selected rank.


Thanks Ed! That second checkbox looks new. Is it?

Happy dance!!!

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it has been there a few months now I think

Holy Check Box Batman… I did not even notice that one… brilliant…

Holy check box indeed! I just played with this a little bit and it works exactly as I would expect.


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