Safety Afloat Classroom removed from Training Mananger

I had two of my registered adult leaders take Safety Afloat Classroom and Safe Swim Defense Classroom last week at summer camp.

While I was able to add to their records the Safe Swim Defense Classroom (SSD) I cannot find Safety Afloat Classroom (SA) anymore in the Training Manager at



Is BSA® confused? I am.

  • National IT may be confused about recent training course (and code) changes.
  • Local council camping staff may not be aware of recent training course (and code) changes.

Council action needed?

  • I suggest asking your council professional program director (via your district program chair) to submit a JIRA technical report related to training course codes table/database.
  • Review of unit v.s. council camp training requirements?
  • I am not sure who needs to (or how to) contact the BSA National Aquatics Subcommittee about this issue. (That might vary by council.)

Course changes

I am seeing

  • both in-person (“classroom”) in the May 2022 training codes table; and
  • a course availability change for Safe Swim Defense but not Safety Afloat training.

Safety Afloat training 2022

I have not seen anything about any changes to the “Safety Afloat” training course codes for summer 2022.

On the “safety moment” webpage the Safety Afloat training link is not defined to go to the BSA Learn Center, and is linking to the default my Scouting Tools home link (tested 2022/07/26).

Safe Swim Defense training change 2022


eLearning > Expanded Learning “Safe Swim Defense” (Updated March 2022)

Per The Training Times:


In collaboration with the BSA National Aquatics Subcommittee, Scouting U has released an updated version of “Safe Swim Defense” online training that is also mobile compatible. … FAQs … Is Safe Swim Defense training available to take in person? No, Safe Swim Defense is only available online. It is also mobile compatible.

National Camp Standard

PS-201, “Aquatics: General”, Revised January 1, 2020, includes:

Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat procedures are used for all
on-site and off-site swimming and boating activities.


Course Code Status?

SA Safety Afloat Classroom 1/1/1984 ? - date not confirmed
SCO_801 Safe Swim Defense 8/1/2017
SCO_802 Safety Afloat 8/1/2017
SSD Safe Swim Defense Classroom 1/1/1965 6/1/2022

SSD course retirement (expiration in database) date is based on publication in The Training Time newsletter.


I thought I saw that somewhere, but couldn’t find it. Thanks, @Bill_W

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@WilliamsburgScouter I suggest asking your council registrar for help. If the database management information has been changed based on these courses being retired nationally, the local council registrar may not be able to help. But it is worth a try.



For anyone having issues accessing the online version of Safety Afloat, please see - Safety Afloat

@RonaldBlaisdell @TimothyRogers Could you check into why Safety Afloat classroom code is missing in the Training Manager?

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The key is (I believe) this:

  1. Sometime on or around July 18 Safety Afloat classroom was discontinued by ScoutingU

  2. On July 18, two of my leaders were at summer camp taking Safety Afloat Classroom (SA) and Safe Swim Defense Classroom (SSD).

  3. The next morning (July 19) I tried (as troop trainer) to log their training based on the signed cards they received from the aquatics director. SSD was fine, but SA was gone.

I’ve contacted my council registrar (who is AWESOME!!!) and she was told/relayed the message that SA is gone, only online remains, and no one can manually add the old SA code.

Which…is fine I guess my leaders can just hold onto their cards in their wallets for the next two years they are valid OR go take the video/online version.

Just a bit of lousy timing.

Because it can only be done online

| Jennifer Olinger JenniferOlinger Scoutbook User Advisory Council
July 27 |

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@RonaldBlaisdell @TimothyRogers Could you check into why Safety Afloat classroom code is missing in the Training Manager?


Why isn’t there a way to add classroom training that was completed before SA became online only?

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Except that my leaders took it in Classroom BEFORE it switched to online only.

I guess this raises a question: does this mean their classroom training is deemed retroactively void?

If yes, Safety Afloat Classroom is retroactively void that doesn’t seem fair. They took the course at a time when they was told it was valid.

If no: then I or someone should be able to add it to their training record.

But this is confusing. As Bill noted above, there was an announcement that SSD could only be done online, but it’s still in the list. However, there wasn’t an announcement (that I know of) for SA, while it’s no longer in the list.

Like others, I completed SA and PCS at camp the week of 7/11, so I’m curious to know what the situation is. If council registrars can still add these, that would at least be a viable path.

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And this is even more confusing: I’ve seen TWO announcements saying TWO different things.

  1. The first was that Safe Swim Defense was now online only. ScoutingU Releases Updated Safe Swim Defense Training

  2. The second, from the BSA Volunteer Training Team, was the Safety Afloat was now online only. Redirecting...

Regardless, if an adult took the Classroom training (for either) at a time when it was valid to do so, I don’t understand why a) that training is now retroactively void (as it appears it now is) and b) not able to be recorded in Training Manager (at the unit or council level).

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G2SS not yet updated as well. Sufficient change management of this change needs to be revisited.

“Safety Afloat training may be obtained from, at council camps, and at other council and district training events.”

Aquatics Safety | Boy Scouts of America (

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When (date) was this Facebook post made?

Was it published publicly, or only to the BSAtrainingteam group members on Facebook?


July 18. Same day my leaders took the Safety Afloat Classroom

It has been that way for a couple of years as a requirement from risk management.

Because my.scouting calculates on on the SCO and the old training code was removed from the my.scouting tables. It has been that way for a couple of years as a requirement from risk management.


Page 5 of the 2022 version of the Guide to Safe Scouting says

Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat training programs are available online
at and may also be offered locally by instructors approved by the
council aquatics committee or other council authority.

This needs to be fixed ASAP.

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I have escalated this to risk management

But that can’t be so.

Last year I took safety afloat classroom and I got my district training chair to put safety afloat classroom with code SA into my training records.

So it hasn’t been years. It appears to have only been in the last few days.

And I’m still not clear as to whether or not this means that anyone who took safety afloat classroom now has had their training declared retroactively void.

If so, then you’re going to have dozens if not hundreds of people with invalid training who aren’t going to realize that they’ve now got invalid training.

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