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Online Scoutmaster Training doesn't generate a completion certificate that populates the training record

Why doesn’t the Online Scoutmaster Training generate a completion certificate with a course code (S24 or WS24)? As unit Training Chair, when asked to validate that a prospective leader has completed the required courses for a position they are applying for, I cannot without looking to see if they completed 18 different courses under the training report. Why doesn’t it generate a certificate like YPT does with the Y01 cert? Classroom SM/ASM completion generates the S24 cert. Shouldn’t the online course also generate the S24 (Or WS24 to indicate Web completion) certificate that populates to their training record that is visible to the Unit Training Chair? And no, as the Unit Training Chair designated by the Key 3, I do not see all the same reports as they do when I look at training records…


Ron, can you address this?

And I’m not talking about a band-aid entry of someone above me going in and entering an S24 completion manually, I could do that, but it doesn’t fix the overall issue I wrote about. Just seems that the online training and reporting wasn’t fully developed, thought out, or considered when this course (and probably others) was built…


Ron has the contacts in the BSA to get this fixed. This is why I asked him to address it.

Not a problem, just want to ensure what I’m seeing is fully understood, in the past it has seemed to have been overlooked because perspectives can be different… Thank you for your assistance in resolving my concern! In addition, my local council is also aware of my concern.

Once someone completes a training program, they CAN get a completion certificate from the “My Training” menu item. They simply go to the training, the click on it, and a menu item appears that says “Print certificate.”

S24 is a specific code for the in-person training (which I taught for many years) and it should not be used with online training.

Unless you are a Key 3 delegate, you do not have access to the same reports as the unit Key 3.

But it does not populate anything to their training report. I understand the adult can get it, buy why isn’t it available in the training report I see?

Also, if it satisfies the same requirement as S24, why isn’t it given a designation like WS24? YPT publishes the modules AND the completion cert for validation, why not Scoutmaster Specific?

The training report tells you - Trained - Yes or No. That indicates that all the training they need is complete. If not, it tells you the courses they need to finish.

They have two choices - and in-person course (if your council holds those) or to the complete list of online courses.

WS24 is deprecated and no longer used.

It only tells me trained if they are registered for another leadership position, not one they may be applying for to change roles…

True - the training report is only designed to tell you if someone is trained in their current position.

There is a “Member Training Report” that exists in My Completions that shows all their training.


That is Craig’s point. What is needed is an indication that the adult is TRAINED for the prospective position. Currently a Key 3 would need to look at each individual module and determine if the adult is trained for the proposed position.

What is needed is a report that indicates what positions an adult is trained for, not just a list of courses that have been completed. This data already exists and I can see it when I look at an adult’s record in Akela so creating a report for Key 3 should be relatively simple.


That doesn’t show the Scoutmaster course if they’ve completed it, because it doesn’t have a course number tied to it that records when it completes. For Example, YPT:
SCO_3008 Overview and Policies 08/27/2021
SCO_3009 Sexual Abuse 08/27/2021
SCO_3010 Bullying 08/27/2021
SCO_3011 YPT Certification Test 08/27/2021
Y01 Youth Protection Training Certification 08/27/2021 08/27/2023

When you do YPT, the four training modules record completion, and when all four are complete, it generates the Y01 certificate.
When you do the Scouts BSA - Scoutmaster Position Specific Training, there are four modules, but those completions do not populate, yet all the lessons inside each of those fours modules do, and those are the only things that show a member has done any training related to Scoutmaster. When those four modules are complete, only the member can access anything that says yes, they completed Scoutmaster training online, the individual training report does not, and the trained Leader report will only show all the individual lessons complete or To Do, it doesn’t specifiy if they are required for the position (Like mine as a Troop Committee, is shows those individual courses, but doesn’t indicate thay are required for the position, Example: TO DO: SCO_471, SCO_472, SCO_473, SCO_474, SCO_476, SCO_481, SCO_482, SCO_485, SCO_530.
If someone is a Unit Scouter reserve and wants to come back in as an ASM, it doesn’t show anything in the training Blocks, Classroom OR Online.

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I can submit the enhancement request, but, since there is no requirement from the BSA that someone be position trained before they register for a position, I am not confident that this will be approved since this is really personal information.

To be clear - what you are asking for is a “Trained Positions” report. Tell me all the positions that a person is trained to fill.

No sir, I asked for the Online Scoutmaster training (and other Online training that satisifes a Position requirement) be tied to a Course Number that shows and populates to the training report in the same fashion YPT does, since it satisifies the same standards the classroom training does that populates the S24 (or other course) cert. At some point the leader has to be qualified to be in the position, and I can’t verify that with what is available to me as the Key 3 delegated Unit Training Chair.

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If Key 3 can get a list of all training an individual holds, you are in an indirect way saying what positions they are trained for. You are just making it hard to figure out.

This is the same argument I have heard from others in the BSA that hiding the year of birth protects PII even though leaders can get the month and day of birth from one report and age of the Scout from another. The data is available and it just takes some processing to get the missing piece.

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Craig - getting the codes mapped to old training codes won’t happen. That was asked for back in the beginning of online training and was rejected because they are different training delivery mechanisms and they want to preserve both.

What I am proposing is something that can get you the same information. A report that shows every position a volunteer is trained to fulfill.

I am not worried about old, deprecated codes, those were just examples of what I would expect a Position-required training should populate like. I’d be fine if the online and classroom Scoutmaster Courses used the same S24 (or newer designated) code when satisfactorily completed. In addition, that report you are proposing, which I know is available at some level at or above the Key 3, would be very helpful, too.

Craig - today, there is no report, at any level, that tells the that information.

That is why I am proposing it as an enhancement request,