SB BUG Report: Topic: Needs Approval Report Problem: Lists Venturing Advancement in Troop Report

I look at the Needs Approval Report for both my Girl Troop and Boy Troop and find the following,
Boy Troop

Girl Troop

I follow the link and see the following for each scout:

All three of these scouts are in a Crew that is NOT chartered by my CO.
(I escape out and do not attempt to approve.)
I don’t know what the “visibility criteria” are for what I as the COR of the two units should be but it does NOT seem right to me to be able to see into another Unit for approving things.
I am the COR and Advancement Coordinator for both Units, also the District Advancement Chair and COR for a Pack.
I have been using SB since Dec 2017 when our council (Sam Houston Area) started providing it.

If any on the SUAC need any of the IDs of the scouts involved I can provide

Thanks Mike

As a COR, you are a Key 3 holder in your units which means you have full access to everything that the Committee Chair and Unit Leader do.

Your last paragraph was confusing to me the way you have it worded. Am I understanding you correctly?

You are COR for 3 units: a Pack, a Girl Unit, and a Boy Unit. The 3 scouts you show in the screen shots are not members of any of the 3 units you are a COR for. Those 3 scouts are members of a unit you have no connection to?

(Sorry for the delay in responding, I do not log into SB every day)
The three scouts are members of the appropriate Scout Troop that I am COR of. However they are also members of the local Crew which I have NO scouting positions or scouting connections in. (However I know the COR and some of the Leaders in the Crew) (We are a small town and only have 4 scouting units)
So that is my conundrum: Why am I seeing the Needs approval for the Venturing? It looks like a “bug” to me.

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this is in the backlog - not sure when it will be worked on

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Understand Back Log.
Good Luck to the Developers
Thank you

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