SB Event Invite Problem

Unable to invite anyone to an event I am creating for a unit.

Can’t pick parents, leaders, scouts or anybody.

Even if I pick “select all” it does not select anyone in the unit. Hel!

@WaldemarTirado - I just tried with existing events and a new one and had no issues. Are you doing this on an android phone perchance ?

I am not. I am doing with Chrome browser…I also went incognito to see if that would work.

I don’t know if it matters but I have many units that I am attached to.

Turns out it is only doing it with one particular unit. I am unit admin.

Might try resetting your admin position; from Unit roster > you > unit admin > save.

well i just did that an pack un-admin’d myself. Trying to get someone to put me back as pack admin.

Sorry, the process does NOT include removing the position. Just click save.

nope…any other ideas?

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