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SB/IA2 Bugs or Feature Changes?

Afternoon All,
Please review the following as possible bugs.

  1. When you first login to SB and are presented with a list for dashboard, forums, references, etc. Up until recently, wasn’t there a link to “Advancements” on this list? Am no longer seeing it.

  2. Audti Log: This report may have been updated recently to the new format? It includes a column for date/time that an award, rank, requirements, or activity was completed. Was there not a separate column for when a entry was made/recorded - different than the completed date? The present reports returns a mix of date/time information: date of completion for requirements, rank, MB, - but - date/time of recording for things like leadership and position changes. Didn’t the audit log previously report both date/time columns? This would be very helpful for tracking down changes in the database. For example one use for CoH planning, when service hours are reported & recorded several months after the fact and need to be accounted for in next CoH cycle. Note: The audit log is not just an activities report, but a tool to see who/when entries are recorded.

  3. Reports from IA missing or replaced? From the main “Roster” page, goto “Run Report”, then “More,” then “Reports” – nothing there? For example, I do not see the “Activities Log Report” to run for our whole troop, which is a different format than the “Activities Summary Report”. Is this an error?

  4. Activities Report bug: When I run an Activities Summary Report, each Scout’s name is a link that opens an Activity Log Report for only the selected Scout. When I accessed in this method today, the Activity Log Report returns data for the Scout I selected plus my own child.


It is gone? When you say “Advancements”, you mean “Internet Advancement”?

Correct. On my phone and computer, the Internet Advancement line is no longer showing. We just rechartered and I’m still the advchair.

Your AdvChair was probably erased - functional roles erase each year - a key 3 has to renew it in my.scouting.org - organization security manager

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What is the URL of the page you are on?

Would that not affect my access in SB and IA? I can still see both of our troops in IA and run reports and approve advancements?

The functional roles are primarily an IA/my.scouting thing. Their impact on Scoutbook was generated after removing the training reports from Scoutbook and replacing them with a link to my.scouting. I suspect that was so that the “right” permissions existed to access those reports in my.scouting.

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